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“Someone once asked me to “swag” an estimate of my work effort over thirty-five years.  The “guestimate” I came up with is that I’ve facilitated over 5000 meetings, work sessions, seminars and conferences and I’ve delivered over 30,000 hours of training programs (that’s like 14 dog years!).” Stu Smith   

Meeting Facilitation 

Whenever two or more people work together, a professional facilitator can make work easier, more productive, and results-focused.  We facilitate meetings both in-person and virtually.

Facilitation Training and Coaching  

"Putting Facilitation to Work"

Our facilitation training program is ideal for leaders, project managers, quality program (Six Sigma, Lean, Agile) practitioners, change management and HR professionals.

It is based on the competencies required for both the Certified Professional Facilitator (IAF) and Certified Master Facilitator (INIFAC) professional designations.

Putting Facilitation to Work training is offered in-person and virtually and can be customized.  Once trained in our methodology, we continue to support facilitators with on-going coaching and development.

Consulting and Coaching 

for Change Management and Process Improvement programs

Based on 30+ years real-world business experience managing and leading change and process improvement programs, we can be the Sherpa and guide you up the mountain to success.

Keynote Speaking 

Stu is rarely at a loss for words and can spin a tale.  He can customize keynotes for organizations and specializes in talking about quality program leadership based on Dr. Demings’ teachings.

Keynote Speaking

Get a cup of Joe (coffee, kids) and give us a call.

Nothing is free and you get what you pay for – right?  WRONG.  We are willing to spend 30m with you to help you determine what you really need.  If we are not the right fit, you at least know what you are looking for – it just ain’t us.  Get a cup and schedule a call. 

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